Things To Avoid When Cleaning Your Floor

The floor is seldom though of when we take to cleaning. Yes we sweep it and mop it, however, we don’t really put a lot of effort into preventing it from getting dirty in the first place. For many commercial floor cleaning services in Asheville they have come together to supply you with these cleaning tips.

Don’t scuff the floor

When walking on the floor, lift your feet and don’t drag them. When you do this you are not going to scuff the floor with your feet. If you scuff your floor it is usually because you are wearing dark shoes. To clean these, simply take your sneakers and rub it against the scuff.

The scuff mark should come off.

Protect your floor

There are many ways you can do this, the first way is to make sure not to drag any furniture across the floor when cleaning up after a party or event. Sometimes you will find that guests and other people might have put chairs and sofas against the wall instead of in the middle of your floor. To clean this up you will just have to take them off the wall and put it back on the floor.

To mop or not to mop?

This is probably one of the most important things you need to decide when cleaning your floors. If you are using a lot of water then it is probably best for you not to mop. Use a damp towel instead when cleaning up spills.

Beware of chemicals!

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Make sure that any chemicals you use on your floor are dry before walking on them (unless they are labeled with the disclaimer “not safe to walk on”).

If there is no label then it is best if you avoid walking on the floor until it is dry

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